House Bennett is interesting, in that it's upside down. All the bedrooms are downstairs, and the lounge, dining room, and living spaces on top, to maximise the view. It's a house for a young family, and outdoor living is vital, and the vistas are very important. 

Because it's on the Kenton Eco Estate, the erf dimensions and orientation allow all the bedrooms to face North, and be drenched in sun. It's form and planning also enable it to protect its outdoor living spaces from the prevailing winds from the South East and South West.

It is a building that used the natural materials that were written into the Estate’s bible - stone, balau decking - materials that develop a patina with age, and that don't have a stand-off relationship with the natural setting.
House Bennett was built on a complicated site, but by acknowledging and applying the vectors of the natural forces: the sun, the wind, and the views, and integrating those, it became the shape that it is.