Perched on one of the highest point in Port Alfred, views stretched in all directions for miles and miles. We were fortunate to be involved in this major alteration, where the client had an open mind for us to explore all the possibilities.

It had a large old house on the plot with poky windows facing the dramatic views. The architectural style was very confusing, something along the lines of a watered down Spanish style.  The main living areas were segregated and claustrophobic.

The setting was the main attraction, and the alteration had to embrace and celebrate its surroundings. The first step was to literally knock down most of the front section of the house, and utilize large sliding doors to open up as much as possible.

This paired with a contemporary flair of finishes helped transform this old lady into a contemporary gem. . The rim flow pool at the front seamlessly blends into the blue water and waves of the ocean in the distance, creating a dramatic sense of wonderment.